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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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power lines in that area. now, crews lit two fires today that, is where abc 7 news is live now with more on their efforts. >> this was an take a look at the hill sfirktsd say they couldn't have picked a better day. things got intense at times but the fire was under control from the beginning, firefighters began setting fires at the preserve in palo alto this morning before starting they took every possible measurement to make sure this controlled burn didn't get out of hand. >> we're very, very careful about watching weather and fuel moisture, watching humidity. winds. it plays a factor. >> crews continued to monitor the weather before setting
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fires. this is where park rangers say is important to establish fire in the eco system. >> it removes fuel that's can burn up into the trees. so fertilizes the ground. >> other objective is protecting life and property this, surround by homes. and potential for a devastating fire have been greater. >> if it had been a hot, dry, volatile day or windy day, a fire starting in this area could burn out and possibly jump the line. >> cruise will be here all night and throughout the overnight hours to make sure any possible hot spots don't flare up.
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>> thank you very much. those firefighters may have led controlled burn just in time. now, more on a red flag warning that is going to go into affect soon. >> yes. the warnings will be going into affect as you make your weekend plans tomorrow clear skies, red flag warnings 10:00 a.m. friday. we're expect being wind gusts to 30 miles per hour. humidity dropping with that wind flow coming out of the northeast. so two fangt factor was dry vegetation and fires can spread. red flag warning going up into friday, saturday, time period. highs so far today, it's been cool in half moon bay. 59 degrees inland areas up into low 80s and has been a warmer day just about everywhere today. and is going to get hot.
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>> thank you. a large swath of the nation's mid section is under tornado warnings now. no damage or injuries have been reported though. residents have been told to brace for hail and thunderstorms as well as possibility of more tornadoes and flooding. warnings extend north to minnesota. forecasters expect the weather will worsen later tonight into tomorrow. >> we've got a look fr a man accused of a drunk driving crash that killed three people. he face aid judge, increasing bail to 1dzs million. abc 7 news is live and the blood alcohol tests are back right, but have not been released. >> you're right. reality is sinking in. many people are visiting this
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memorial here. first, the man police say caused the crash was in court today. 25-year-old paul dias faces three charges of felony manslaughter for a memorial day car crash which killed his girlfriend, 23-year-old rosa falla, a 21-year-old, and a 22-year-old. the deputy d.a.says dias was driving the mustang drunk at speeds reaching 90 miles per hour, slamming into another car. the impact tore the mustang in half. >> established he was driving the car recklessly, grossly engineer. >> dias was not hurt and turned himself in to police hours later. >> johnny was the best kid. >> robert's son, johnny was a passenger saying john yeez not only a son but his best friend.
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>> my neighbors actually today actually donated $1,000 just for the funeral. that is how good he was. everybody misses him. people are coming by bringing food. people i have never seen. people i haven't seen in four, five years have seen him on tv are coming by. the kid was good. >> robert says he's raising money for the burial. he says he only met suspect paul dias once. dias arraignment postponed today and will be back in court. full reports as will be in about two weeks. >> thank you. >> san jose recent spike in right violent crime took another live today. a 19-year-old died after being shot around 5:30 in this morning. the marks the fourth homicide this week, 20th in the year. he learned about the tragedy
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when he came to pick up his nephew to go to work. his nephew says he avoided trouble. >> he moved to this neighborhood a month ago. and so he started meeting new friends just talked about yesterday. and so, i just told him not to hang out with bad people. >> santee school cancelled classes today because the crime scene was right across the street from its campus. >> a warning for young people planning to stay out in palo alto. police will be enforcing a curfew. anyone under 19 will be detained and brought to a holding area, released to their parents. the plan is that children will have to go to youth court in response to the city's declaration of a crime emergency following a wave of gang violence, 27 people were arrested in a gang crack down last week. >> in the meantime, frustrated residents and workers of the
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tender loin neighborhood have invited police chief to take a tour of that area. in sm pokes gathered to bring the invitation in the form of a petition. the petition has 1500 signatures from residents who are just fed up with crime. >> residents and business workers demand tour our neighborhood, talk to rez zpents people here, then tell us what he believes after police are addressing public safety in our communities. >> here is part of the frustration. 40 officers have been cut in two years. >> the white house has become the latest recipient of a letter suspected of containing ricin arks dressed to the president and interseptded in a white house mailroom. it's been sent off for testing. officials say it's similar to two others sent to michael bloomberg. officials say one letter tested positive for the
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poison. abc news obtained a photograph that reads in part you'll have to kill me and my family before you get to my guns. >> there are people i would argue do things that may be irrational and that are wrong but it's a complex world out there. we just have to deal with that. >> law enforcement sources say it's a poor quality and crudely made. fbi is investigating the incidents. >> the man arrested on charges of setting off a dry ice explosion at disneyland has been accuses of another blast happening an hour earlier. 22-year-old long beach residents christian barns charged with using a destructive device, prosecutors revealed he set off two water bottles containing dry ice. one called a loud boom inside of a trash can near toon town another insifd a food vending cart f convicted he faces six
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years in state prison. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> the state assembly approved a measure allowing undocumented immigrants to allow driver's licenses saying anyone who pays taxes should be given the opportunity to drive legally ask want to make the roads safer. >> public safety issue. there are three million undocumented folks in california that are here. and they have kids and they need to go to school and emergency room. and they krif. -- drive so. in my opinion it's better they have a license. >> but detractors says it gives a secure document to people who could broken the law. the measure now heads to the senate. >> coming up here a silicon valley lesson in digital responsibility. design stod make kids safe, and civil online. also... >> i have tears in my eyes. doi love this lady. i sure do. >> a woman abandoned as a baby finds a local rescuer who found her but there is one
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other woman she hopes to meet. >> and only thing worse than moving is finding a moving company holding your stuff for ransom. how to spot the good guys in all of this. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00
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>> want to update breaking news in santa clarita right now. cruise trying to stop a wildfire that threatens buildings. you can see it in the mountains of los angeles county. now, we understand it's burning power lines. the fire burned about five acres so far. we're going to continue to follow it here and breaking news updates continually at twitter on awbc 7 news bay area. >> walnut creek police are
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looking for a man they say tried to grab a woman's purse yesterday in the garage parking lot of nordstrom at broadway plaza. the man apparently sneaked up and tried to grab her bag. they believe he got spooked and ran off when he saw another shopper. the man tried to get rid of a cap and shirt inside nordstrom. >> this is why police officers do their jobs a cop has been hail aid hero for saving a baby's live. a day care center called 911 to report a 5-month-old was not breathing. officer was on the scene immediately began cpr. the babeo was revived and taken to children's hospital. no word on what caused the baby to lose consciousness but authorities say it does the z not appear to be negligence but the he saved the life. a touching reunion two. people who met under unusual circumstances 62 years ago are
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back together. one a baby girl abandoned on a concord street. the other, the woman who found her. >> my neighbor came over to have coffee with me. she said jan you've got a cat mewing in the car. >> now, 83, jan remembers well that night in april, 1951. a neighbor said there was strange sounds coming from jan's car. >> there was a little blue bundle on the passenger side front seat of the car. powder blue blanket wrapped, papoose style. lifted and two little eyes were staring at me. >> the baby, sheriff dubbed jane dough was clean and swaddled. now she's 62 years old. her name is keira. who found jan after years of research. >> i called her. i said, did you used to live
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concould have ventry road? yes. were you there when ways found as an abandoned baby? >> yes. >> days after the baby was found a letter arrived postmarked from ala immediate yachl the writer says she's the teen mother the child was taken by the father and the infant was not unwanted or unloved. keira was adopted and moved to washington state. but desire to find her birth mother led her back to the bay area. where she met the woman who found her. >> i told her i saw her i said those two eyes have changed and my have you grown since i last saw you. >> now, they've bj fast friends they can't help but look back on the encounter right herethon street more than 60 years ago. as something that happened for a reason. >> i do love this lady. >> keira feels her effort paid off but finding her birth mother would be the final
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chapter. >> i'll be happy whether or not i find her but it might add as much joy to my life as meeting jan, seeing jan. being reunited with jan face-to-face. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> what a wandorful story. >> educaters received a lesson on how to make young people safer online and better citizens online. experts gathered for a symposium. each instructed educators how to weave responsibility into the cirriculum throughout the school year. >> any inappropriate behavior needs to be held accountable. and i believe that the education piece is going to help out in this arena. >> they encourage parents and
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stud dwronts sign pledge cards spell ought rule that's come with getting a cell phone, tab blet or a smart phone. >> good idea. >> it is a good idea. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side for a report on unscrupulous mover autos they're out there. this time of the year people are picking up and moving. >> yes. moving season is here. this is whit gets busy. more people move in june than any month. kroerts says you need to be careful. bbb got more than 8,000 complaints last year. lauren is settled in the new apartment now for months a moving company held her belongings hostage though she paid cost as agreed upon, $900 up front. movers got to the home they demanded $900 more.
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>> i freaked out. and refused they shut the door and drove off with all of my stuff. >> lauren says her mother found the company in the phone book gave her a lowest mitt, sight unseen. >> if a company insists on giving an estimate over the phone or internet that is a bad sign. and never sign a document with llt of blank space that's haven't been filled in. another red flag movers using unmarked trucks. >> to find a legitimate mover seek out recommendations from real estate agents or friends who have used the company. >> we recommend getting estimates from three companies and do your home work. make sure companies are licensed. >> there is a helpful web site protect your listing companies licensed for moves and telling you if there are complaints. you can check the raigts of the bbb at >> if it's a problem such as
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damage to missing goods, notify the mover are immediately f you think you've been defrauded contact your state attorney general or consumer protection department. >> lauren called the lease and notifying several government agencies she was able to recover her possessions without paying another cent. >> good for her. >> consumer reports says ab ware the companies are loued to charge a certain percentage above upon delivery usually about 10%. and regulations are different if the move is out of state as opposed to within state lines here in the state of california we have a p.u.c. regulates in state moves and they do a good job. >> so that is a good way to put it thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the warming forecast now. >> sandhya patel is here. >> we're talking about mid-90s inland. let me show you live doppler 7 hd.
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we zront clouds, no rain, our radar is not reporting anything right now. sunny skies across the region and here is a picture to show you that from our south beach camera. you can see just nothing but blue skies looking out towards the bay. same thing for oakland. so far, high temperatures 50s coast side. that is just a little bit of a warm up today. the view from our tv looking at heavenly valley sunny now, temperatures into 70s into afternoon. and it's going to be nice and sunny there. santa rosa, 80 degrees. 75 in livermore, san jose, sunny skies, 74 the high today. we're looking at a 10 degree increase tomorrow. so heats up inland. and remaining mild near the coast f you don't like hot
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weather it's going to be summer like. so you have a place to escape. high pressure is going bring us a warmer weather for friday and saturday and yoifr night not expecting temperatures to get too chilly. clear skies we'll hold on to some of the warmth going with temperatures in the 50s then heading into friday, warmer days we see the flow kicking in, this brings drier air from inland valleys and what is where we're going to see on saturday along coast, though, that sea breeze natural air conditioning will keep you nice and comfortable. so almost summer like micro climate pattern. mild, 76 in san francisco. oakland 81 degrees heading inland. and antioch up to 98 degrees so a 31 degree spread saturday
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from half moon bay to antioch. and in the morning clear skies, temperatures comfortable but you can he is sqaip out a coat or jacket. 88 degrees in morgan hill. half moon bay 66 degrees, south san francisco, in the 70s, 60s here along the coast. north bay warmest weather around cal stoga. 90s there. inland areas wampling up to above normal 90 in concord. the accu-weather forecast shows you hottest temperatures of the next seven days, saturday. it's going to get cooler monday. cooler on tuesday. abc 7 news has another great weather resource for to you
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follow for latest weather conditions get forecast spare the air alerts and tweets from the favorite weather team there. is a lot happening this weekend. art and wine festival. dan going to be there. right? >> we'll tlb performing on sunday. it's a huge event. >> yes. absolutely. >> and nice toasty temperatures. >> exactly. >> bring your sun screen. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead fresh off the super bowl of sports web site doles out a big honor for collin kaepernick. >> the prob lenl with front loading washing machines. the u.s. supreme court is involved.
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no skating today alt the san mateo ice center. the rink closed for the final
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thyme week but the rink is not going away soon. the lease on the ice expires tomorrow. the owner wants to rezone the property but officials are playing hard ball saying the rink cannot be demolished until a the city approves a new use for the cite. they won't allow the owner to remove cooling equipment, walls and sealings without a permit. >> digging is supposed to start as the next phase in the central subway tunnel gets underway. today, the mayor and other officials got a look at the boring machine. the machine will cut through clay and bed rock at 40 feet per day. and it finish was six years of work there are concerns already of cost overrun autos they had $100 million fees now, it's about 656789 they're going to have to manage this project well to avoid costs.
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>> the one and a half mile team line exhe tension has a budget of $1.6 billion. officials say people above ground shouldn't hear noise or feel vibration autos 49ers qb found he's one of the top quarterbacks in the nfl ranked third, only stanford grad andrew luck and robert given the 3rd finish higher in the poll. >> he sure did. >> up next, the bay area teen in the national spelling spotlight. >> the word
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coming up, more money for millions of californias. a move for some people that
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could need it most. >> you're going to see surveillance video just might help authorities catch a thief. >> the story of a bay area doctor helped pioneer plastic surgery more than 100 years ago. the reason little is known about him today. those story pz more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and finally spay bai area spelling ace came close today to advancing in maryland. >> the 8th grader was eliminated from the semi finals after misspelling a word politicus. >> the finals round underway new on your sister network but she did us proud that. is a tough word. >> world news is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, sudden impact. tornadoes on the ground in the hard-hit heartland again tonight. as the worst severe weather outbreak of the year threatens millions, our extreme weather team is right there with the latest. poison plot. a new letter containing the poison ricin is discovered, and this time the target is president obama. "real money." we help one family save hundreds of dollars on their day at the old ball game. "hidden america." extraordinary access in one of most dangerous schools in the country. the chaos, the crushing struggles, and the courage of so many people fighting for a future.


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